DIY Waxing

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Over half a million bodies waxed.

We know a thing or two about waxing. We also know that hair removal isn't just about removing hair. It's also about good aftercare. Our unique collections have been thoughtfully developed with ingredients that work, to give you that long lasting smoothness. Proudly made in Canada.

Taking care down there.

Products entirely devoted to down-there care.


Being smooth ain't easy.

Banish ingrown hairs, bumps + breakouts.

Wow! Can't believe how easy this was to use. I was a bit nervous to wax myself at home but the quality of wax was exactly what I expected as a long time client of Stripped Wax Bar. Thank you so much for this wonderful at home kit!


This has become part of my daily routine. Since I was young i've always had bad ingrowns. This product has helped improve my skin drastically. Can't say enough good things about the Smooth Roller. It's a must have product for me.


Love how gentle the Southern Comfort wash is, feels so fresh and clean afterwards without irritating. Have purchased one for all of my girlfriends because I love it so much and they love it too!