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At-Home Waxing

Everything you need to wax safely at home.

backed by 500,000+ bodies waxed

hair removal isn't just about removing hair, it's also about good aftercare.

With over half a million bodies waxed - we know a thing or two about waxing. We also know that proper aftercare is essential to keeping things smooth. Our unique collections have been thoughtfully developed with ingredients that work, to give you that long lasting smoothness.


safe and effective formulations free of sls and parabens. tested only on willing humans.


pH balanced to prevent irritation and disruption to the body's natural pH levels.


made in Canada in small batches with the highest quality ingredients.

probiotic + ph balanced

Taking care down there.

Say goodbye to odours, itchiness and discomfort.

Just for the fellas.

Smells good. Works great.

What's Buzzing

This product has changed my life. The cleanser gently cleans my most sensitive parts without disrupting my vuvla's delicate ecosystem. Other soaps and body washes leave me feeling dry and irritated. Southern Comfort feminine wash is the first cleanser I have found that keeps me clean and hydrated.

Jennifer C.

The best wax of my life!! I'll never go back to anything else. Very easy to use and I love the before and after care oil, which helped prevented breakouts on my thighs and eureka! No annoying, dotty marks.

Nadia R.

Obsessed. I can't say enough good things about this product. This is exactly what I need to give myself a little refresher throughout the day. Even just spraying it once makes me feel so fresh and clean all day. I love how it smells and the best part is, this is a local, Canadian company. I don't know how I ever went without this.