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I use it once after the shower & it keeps you fresh all day. Smells super soft at first.

Gentle and lovely

I’m new on my journey to care down there and this is one of my first buys that really add to that pampering feel, it’s a very pleasant scent that lasts all day! I like to apply after a shower and sometimes throughout the day if I feel like it. I’ve had my bottle for 20+ days and there’s still plenty left but I will be buying more for sure

Melanie R.
Life Changing!

I have recently started using this spray after my shower and I love it! It keeps me fresh all day. I no longer feel self conscious.

Ammy Rivera
Multipurpose, fresh and clean!

I love this spray! I use it regularly after showers and also use it on my armpits to stop any hint of B.O! It keep me smelling and feeling fresh for yours! This is how I know it works! I highly recommend this product.

So happy something like this exists and actually works!

Wow! I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical that this would work, but I read so many great reviews I decided to go for it, and was pleasantly surprised! I was nervous because I am usually quite sensitive to certain scents, but as others have said it is quite mild and nice. Slightly sweet? It neutralizes odours well. I'm just so happy something like this exists and actually works! I am glad I doubled up my first order and got 2 right off the bat, so I can carry one with me when on the go (not that I need to reapply it often, one spritz in the morning seems to be doing the trick!) Anyway, awesome!